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Ms. Susan will save Room 101 by raising $175,000 and take her mission to the road as, Mad Dogg Athletic, Inc. Heart-Keeper!  Please contact Susan by email, phone, horn, or flag her down, "Yo, Ms. Susan!"
Room 101 is a Mad Dogg Athletic Inc. SPIN® and Bodyblade® classroom with 4 Lifetime Mission Statements:

1) Halt school-age obesity across America.
2) Plant a cardiovascular seed of health & wellness in your heart.
3) Create the healthiest role models and schools for our children.
4) Groom students for success in a sustainable global society.

We grow with 100% passionate giving hearts!
Visit our Wish Wall to see how you can help.

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A Special Thanks to the Palm Beach School District: Dr. Lynn Robbins, Mr. Seth Groveman, Dr. Saltzmann, Mr. Clarence Vaugn, & Mrs. Elaine Snarlberg.  I salute all of you for making our students, staff, and schools healthier!

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